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Chuan Liu
Game Programmer

Apartment 13, Emineo, Station Road, Beaconsfield, UK

Skype: rollo_liu

(UK) +44 7831388504

I am a multilingual, multidisciplinary recent graduate with strong C/C++ programming skills and a practical understanding of art. Throughout my education I have proved myself to be a hard-working, creative and accountable team player.



Oct-2012 — Nov-2012
iOS Game Developer (Contractor) – Apptoyz, Apptoyz International Ltd.
I have been working at Apptoyz as an iOS game developer for many of their game apps such as “Duck Hunter” and “Pull!”. (see more…)

• Developing and maintaining existing game apps and projects;
• Doing research for our upcoming projects;
• Communicate between team lead and artists.

June-2011 — Present
Level Designer, Software Engineer (Freelancer) – Fairycode Studio, Beijing Suowangda S&T Co, Ltd.
I have been remotely freelancing for Fairycode Studio based in Beijing as the level designer and software engineer of their up-coming iOS action title “Lola Swift”. (see more…)

In this project, I…
• Designed and implemented several prototype levels;
• Produced concept art elements and placeholder animations;
• Implemented functional modules, gameplay and development tools;
• User experience research (for iOS/Mobile Platform).



C/C++, Objective-C,
C#, Python, Java, PHP, SQL, BASIC, Agile

Sketching, Concept Art,
Character Design, 2D Animation, UI

Visual Studio, Xcode, Photoshop, Flash, WordPress
After Effects, Maya, Microsoft Office, iWork, iLife

OpenGL, SDL, HGE, Cocos2D, Box2D, FreeImage,
Ogre 3D, Unity 3D, irrKlang

English, Chinese (Mandarin),



2009 — 2011
MSc Computer Games Programming
Teesside University, Middlesbrough, UK

Relevant Modules:
Games Software Engineering
Multiplayer and Mobile Games Programming
Artificial Intelligence
Realistic Simulation
Game Studio Practice

2008 — 2009
BSc Computer Studies
Teesside University, Middlesbrough, UK

Relevant Modules:
Advanced Programming Environments
Artificial Intelligence
Operating System
Emerging Technologies

2005 — 2008
Higher National Diploma (HND) Software Development
Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Beihang University), Beijing, China



Fairy2D Game Engine
This project is part of my Masters dissertation. I have established a full-featured game engine by only using OpenGL in C++. It also features integration with Box2D as its physics engine. In addition, a physic based game demo has been built on this engine for demonstration. It is one of my personal efforts, and some of them are still on-going. (see more…)

• Using C++ in VS2010, with OpenGL, SDL, Box2D, FreeImage, FreeType 2, irrKlang, TinyXML;
• Highly modularised structure, node-based rendering system, high performance;
• Built-in animated sprites and motion-tween animation support.

iOS: A Game Prototype
The iOS Game “iMole” is a classic “rock the mole” game which is developed for iOS devices. With its simplistic graphics and sound effects, it’s easy to play, but with great fun. This project is a part of the assignment from “Multiplayer and Mobile Games Programming”, cost about 2 weeks. (see more…)

• Using Objective-C in Xcode, Interface Builder (built-in);
• MVC structure;
• Graphics draw in Photoshop.

AI: Characters Mood in Game
From Games AI module I have learned some technologies about Artificial Intelligence. This game main to represent the characters on the battlefield with different mood, and their mood affected their attributes that they might stronger or weaker.

• Using C++ in VS2010, with HGE Engine;
• The game based on a tile system, AI consist with Behaviour Tree and Fuzzy Logic;
• Graphic resources been created and modified in Photoshop.

Cloth Simulation
This project is an assignment of the module “Realistic Simulation”. I have implemented a cloth simulation using OpenGL in C++. And it is a real time rendering physics simulation program. (see more…)

• Using C++ in VS2010, with OpenGL, SDL, FreeImage;
• Lazy algorithm (modified from Euler);
• Support image-list output (for video rendering).

Games Software Engineering
In this project, I have learnt a lot for the games engineering, such as game engine principles, working pipelines. In addition, a vertical-shooting game demo has been built on this engine for demonstration. It is an individual projec t, cost about 2 months. (see more…)

• Using C++ in VS2008, with OpenGL, SDL, FreeImage, irrKlang;
• Highly modularised structure, good performance;
• The game is functional and playable, my tutor likes it.

Game Studio Practice
This module is about the games industry and how a game studio operates. This module covers the main areas of the industry such as, financial models, production processes and development philosophies, team structures and roles etc.

• A group presentation about Games Market Research;
• A group to run a company on SimVenture and also provide a presentation to report the experience and results;
• Produced a business plan for a games development company;
• Written an essay about how to setting up and running a computer games studio.



Games Development
In my spare time, I do some game designing, improving my own game engine, developing games with my friends.
I design and draw characters for fun, and create graphic materials for my game.
Hardcore Gamer
I play video games over 20 years, in 2009 I established a guild and led over 200 players in World of Warcraft. Our guild rank was on the top 10 list in our realm (over 100 guilds ranked).
Animation & Manga
Watching every week.



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