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Chuan Liu (Rollo Liu)

Hello! My name is Chuan Liu. And my English name is Rollo Liu (and it is my nickname as well). Please feel free to call me either Chuan (pronounce as [træn])  or Rollo.

I’m a graduate game developer with a strong C++ programming skill and a practical understanding in art. I started learning programming at the age of nine and sketching at ten. My aim is to become  to a great game developer and create fantastic games.

In my spare time, I develop my own games engine and draw Japanese-style characters.

I’m also a hardcore gamer:

* In World of Warcraft, I’m the guild master of “LiVE” (I managed over 100 people) and my guild ranking was in the top 10 list (higher than over 100 guilds) in our realm.

* I’m a professional player of DotA and Counter-Strike. I found a clan for both of them and play on-line matches with my friends.

* I can complete Contra without a single death and Megaman-Zero without taking any damage.

This is my personal website which includes all of my projects. I hope all of you guys enjoy it.

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