The Cloth Simulation is an OpenGL rendered realistic simulation program written in C++.

Cloth Simulation

Realistic Simulaiton Project

The Cloth Simulation Project

In the “Realistic Simulation” module, I’ve learnt many technologies of realistic simulation, such as flocking system and cloth simulation.

Finally, I produced a Cloth Simulation program as the module assignment. It uses OpenGL as renderer, written in C++.

Anyway, the cloth simulation project was built on the engine which I produced on Games Engineering module. The video frames captured by the engine itself.

Project Specification

Programming: C++ with Visual Studio 2010.

Engine: YGE Engine (produced on Games Engineering module)

SDK Used: OpenGL, SDL, FreeImage

The Cloth: Rendered as triangles in 2 colours (Black and Dark Red) with 65% alpha; Has 30*50=1500 particles connected with 11524 springs.

Algorithm: I used a lazy algorithm (modified from Euler) to optimise the performance. It balanced between realistic quality and performance.

Real time rendering: 1280*720@32bpp windowed, 600+ fps on my iMac (3.06GHz, ATI Redeon HD 4670, 8GB Memory)

Video Encoding: After Effects CS5

Video Editing: iMovie

Video Music: GarageBand


I have uploaded the video to Vimeo (720p HD available):


…and also in YouTube (720p HD available):


Here are the video in high definition and lower definition in my site:
Cloth Simulation in high quality (1280 x 720 HD, 16.9 MB)
Cloth Simulation in low quality  (960 x 540, 8.8 MB)

(they were encoded in H.264, if your cannot play it on your computer, you might try to download the encoder from