YGE Project include a game engine and also a game based on this engine.

Games Engineering

The game demo screen shot

YGE Game Engine Project

YGE (Postgraduate Games Software Engineering) Game Engine is the first engine made by myself. Trying to develop an engine is much more difficult than I imagine, even I have some experience of using other engines (such as HGE, Ogre3D). And I have learnt so much, out of my expect.

Actually, developing Fairy2D Game Engine is based on the techniques and experiences of this project. Foundation is the most important thing, right?

This game is very simple. It’s a vertical shooting game which has a lot of enemies and bullets which we called “Bullet-Hell”. It just passed every subject on the criteria list from module tutor, such as “has logo screen”, “be able to pause”, “support both full-screen mode and window mode”… Anyway, my game did a good job, got an “A” for this module ;)

Demonstration Video

Youtube: YGE Game Demo (720p HD available):

Vimeo: YGE Game Demo (720p HD available):

I also uploaded the video to my website, you can download it by right click –> save to/save as/download linked file/etc.
YGE Game Demo (1280 x 720 HD, 121 MB)

(It was encoded in H.264, if your cannot play it on your computer, you might try to download the encoder from http://www.h264info.com/downloads.html)