iMole is a classic "hit the mole" game which is develop for iOS devices. Simple graphics, sound effects, easy to play, great fun!


iMole icon in iPhone 4

The iOS game iMole

iMole is a classic “hit the mole” game which is develop for iOS devices. It has simple graphics and sound effects, easy to play, great fun.

This project actually gives me a lot of fun. I use Mac OS for years but this is the first time to develop something for Apple products. Different from C++, Objective-C is another way to represent the Object-Oriented Programming. It really opened my mind: OOP could be like this!

Learning the MVC design pattern is another big achieve for me. MVC + Objective-C, that way I never think before.


Programming: Objective-C in Xcode 3, Xcode 4 (apple just updated during the development)

Design Pattern: MVC

Graphics: Photoshop CS5, drawing by my self

Sound Effects: Download from Internet

Video Recording: QuickTime

Video Editing: iMovie

Video Music: GarageBand


This is the iMole Demo on Vimeo:



If you got trouble with Vimeo, you can try this iMole Demo on YouTube:



You can also download this original video directly from this site: (you might need a QuickTime player to play it)

Screen Shots

Here we have few screen shots of the game:

iMole main menu

iMole Main Menu

iMole gameplay: on hit

Gameplay: on hit

iMole gameplay: after hit

Gamplay: after hit

iMole Gameover

iMole Gameover