Lola Swift is an iOS action game and this project is underdevelopment.

Lola Swift

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Lola Swift (Working Title)

Lola Swift is an iOS action game developed by Fairycode studio, and this project is underdevelopment.

This is an action game on the iOS platform. It features a customised scriptable game engine that we have built based on cocos2D. Project management methodologies like source controlling, issue tracking and code reviewing are also practiced during this project.

Game Demo

I have recorded the game prototype, revision 327, and put it here. So you might have a general look for our game. The video below recorded by QuickTime. I run the game on an iPhone simulator and recorded the screen area. You can see the mouse cursor round by a circle, that was a click (also mean a touch action on the iPhone simulator). Sorry for the quality of the video, my Mac is not quite that powerful to record a fluent high-definition video :P

Lola Swift Prototype Demo on YouTube (Recorded by QuickTime):